Oxford Physics leads new instrument for research in Astronomy and climate change

18 October 2017

Oxford Physics will play a leading role in the development of a new instrument that enables better understanding of climate change and star formation in the Universe.

Prof. Dimitra Rigopoulou is the PI of the THz sounder TARDiS (Terahertz Atmospheric/ Astrophysics Radiation Detection in Space) that will investigate the role of the interstellar medium in the birth and evolution of stars and measure the present state of the upper atmosphere and infer links to climate change. The innovative instrument will measure the emitted radiation from oxygen atoms in the upper atmosphere and the interstellar medium using Terahertz remote sensing. The project is backed by a UKSA study phase funding and will run as part of the Human Spaceflight Microgravity Programme, in conjunction with a second International Space Station (ISS) venture for the renowned UK astronaut Major Tim Peake, which is planned for 2020. For more information on the story follow this link.