Migration of Physics Email to Nexus

12 February 2018

The decision to run down the Physics departmental email service and to use the University Nexus system instead was taken some years ago but the department had to wait until the system could provide sufficient storage to absorb our existing mailboxes. Nexus is now about to move into a cloud based service known as Nexus 365 which has a number of benefits, not least significantly larger mailbox storage which will enable that process. You can find out more about Nexus 365, including FAQ, here.

There are two key dates for the migration depending on whether you have a Physics account or a Nexus account (or both):

Weekend of 3-4th March: Those of you who only use the current Physics system and don’t use Nexus, will migrate to the new service.

Week commencing 9th April: Those of you currently using a Nexus mailbox will migrate to Nexus 365 as part of the process of moving all University users across. Those who currently use mailboxes on both Nexus and the Physics server will be offered various options to assist in merging the two mailboxes.

Nexus 365 is based on the same technology as we currently use and therefore provides similar functionality. The migration itself is expected to be seamless, but it will require some people to change the configuration of their email clients.

You will be sent more detailed information by IT support over the next few weeks and this will include information on changes you may need to make to access your mail on the new service.

IT services and local IT staff will be providing help via web pages and additional IT support will be provided for a short period after the migrations to assist you with reconfiguring any mobile devices you have trouble with. Physics IT support staff have already migrated to the new system so that they are in the best possible position to assist you with these changes.

More information about the migration and how it will affect you can be found here.