An Evening of Quantum Discovery

1 November 2017


"An Evening of Quantum Discovery" was an event held for the general public in the Department on 17 October 2017. The event showcased the Department's research and development of innovative technology in relation to quantum physics.

The event allowed audiences to explore how Quantum Physics impacts on everyday life, now and in the near future. The event included short talks about the latest developments in quantum technologies, hands-on demos in a science fair and tours of Physics laboratories.

We answered questions such as 'What is a quantum computer?' 'How does it work?' 'What will it be able to do?, in relation to the work of the NQIT Hub (part of the UK National Quantum Technology Programme). Visitors also found out about our research into Quantum Materials where we answered questions such as 'How do you make the strongest magnetic field in the world?' and 'What’s so ‘super’ about superconductors?'

More than 150 people attended on the night and we had some great feedback from visitors:

"We thoroughly enjoyed the evening and thank everyone for all the work they put into making it such an interesting and stimulating event"

"Interactive, amazing, not one bit was boring and completely captivated my children’s minds and my own, wish it was that interesting at school"

36 students and researchers from the department volunteered to help with lab tours, talks and the science fair - thanks to all who helped!

Read more about the Evening of Quantum Discovery on the NQIT website.