Physics at the Curiosity Carnival

9 October 2017

Curiosity carinival 2.png

Thousands of people turned out for the Curiosity Carnival on Friday 29 September - Oxford's biggest ever public engagement event. Thanks to everyone who made it a huge success!

Part of European Researchers' Night, the Carnival was an extravaganza of curiosity - celebrating, debating and enjoying the incredible research taking place in Oxford and the way it impacts on all our lives.

There were over 30 staff and students from Oxford Physics who took part.

  • Merritt Moore - Quantum dance, Ashmolean
  • Emma Cohen - Time and black holes, Ashmolean
  • Suzie Sheehy & team - Accelerate show, Museum of Natural History
  • Ian Walmsley - Living Library, Bodleian
  • Neil Bowles - Musical Abstracts, Street
  • Andreas Zoettl - I’m a Researcher… + Living Library, Bodleian and online
  • Jaz Hill-Valler - Painting space, Street
  • Kathryn Boast - Quantum Materials, Street
  • Donal Hill - Lumps of stuff, Street
  • Susie Wright - Researcher Bake Off, Botanic Gardens
  • Franziska Kirschner - Researcher Bake Off, Botanic Gardens
  • Amy Hughes - Researcher Bake Off, Botanic Gardens
  • Nathan Walk; Helen Chryznowksi, Matty Hoban (NQIT) - Quantum measurement systems and many-worlds theory through games and magician's tricks, Botanic Gardens
  • Colin Wilson, Pete Walton & team - Satellites & climate modelling, Museum of Natural History
  • Sam Henry & team - Particle Physics stall, Ashmolean

Oxford’s Curiosity Carnival 2017 joined hundreds of other European cities in celebrating European Researchers’ Night.