Congratulations Katherine Blundell

19 June 2017

Professor Katherine Blundell is appointed OBE for services to astronomy and the education of young people.

Professor Blundell’s research interests span a broad range of topics. She has published extensively on the evolution of active galaxies and their life cycles, on the accretion of material near black holes and the launch and propagation of relativistic jets. She is the founder of Global Jet Watch, a network of five observatories in strategic locations around the world: one each in South Africa, Chile and India and one on each side of Australia. Four of the five are sited at boarding schools where students, particularly girls, are encouraged to use the telescopes in their learning. After local bedtime at each location, she operates the telescopes remotely, over the internet, to gather more data on evolving objects in our Galaxy.

Professor Blundell said: 'I'm delighted to receive this honour. It is a pleasure to thank the University of Oxford for their support throughout my career and all the other wonderful supporters of the Global Jet Watch project. This project enables unique science by providing round-the-clock astrophysical measurements of jets from black holes in our Galaxy with a network of telescopes deployed around the globe. In the process, it engages young people in developing countries into science.'

Well done Katherine!