New light on Quantum Dots

14 April 2016

Prof Robert Taylor (Condensed Matter Physics) and his colleagues in Cambridge have published a new article on Quantum Dots on the Science & Engineering South website

Tiny specks or ‘quantum dots’ of gallium nitride (GaN) – described as the most significant semiconductor material since silicon – could deliver a dramatic leap forward in data processing speeds and data security, thanks to ground-breaking work at Cambridge and Oxford Universities.
As part of a close and fruitful collaboration dating back to 2003, Dr Rachel Oliver, Reader in Materials Science at Cambridge, and Robert Taylor, Professor of Condensed Matter Physics at Oxford, are leading research to help release these dots’ remarkable potential and answer crucial questions about their characteristics and capabilities.

This dovetailing of complementary expertise spanning two SES Consortium members has already delivered a stream of ‘world-first’ breakthroughs in the field of optoelectronics – the branch of electronics that involves the harnessing of light – with the promise of many more to come.

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*With thanks to Science and Engineering South