Christopher Palmer wins MPLS Divisional ‘Project Award’ for innovative teaching

15 June 2015

The Divisional Teaching Awards were announced at the MPLS Summer Party by the Head of Division Prof. Alex Halliday. Dr Christopher Palmer, Departmental Lecturer in Physics, was awarded the ‘Project Award’ for innovative teaching, worth £3k. Dr Palmer has been running the annual Oxford Undergraduate Physics Conference since 2007, when it was initially funded with an earlier Teaching award. Dr Palmer's new project will extend this concept to an Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Conference, tackling themes of broad interest across the University.

Dr Palmer comments

Interdisciplinary studies are currently attracting enormous interest, so now is the time to find a way to engage our undergraduates, studying our famously focussed single-honours degree courses, with ideas from widely separated disciplines. I am excited by the prospect of working with colleagues from other divisions to develop the concept of the Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Conference

The image shows Dr Palmer in front of the enigmatic Silbury Hill - a good example of a research problem requiring input from many disciplines