Leslie H Paddle Scholarship Award for James Gilbert

22 October 2014

Congratulations to James Gilbert on winning the IET's 2014 Leslie H Paddle prize scholarship for his work on robotic systems for the deployment of fibre-optic focal plane pick-off systems in astronomical instruments.

The Leslie H Paddle Scholarship was established in 1979 under a bequest from Mr Leslie H Paddle (then vice-president) to the Institution of Electronic and Radio Engineers (IERE), now part of the Institution of Engineering and Technology. The scholarship, awarded annually with a value of £5,000, specifically recognises doctorate research that furthers the art, science or practice of electronic engineering or radio engineering.

Currently studying a DPhil in Astronomical Instrumentation, James receives this award for his research in the field of astronomical instrumentation for large optical telescopes. He is developing new ways to enable observations of thousands of stars or galaxies in a single night, by quickly repositioning optical components within the telescope using sophisticated robotic systems. The observations enabled by these systems will be used to address a number of diverse problems such as the nature of Dark Energy and the Formation and Evolution of the our own Milky Way Galaxy