Tim Woollings awarded University of Oslo Inspiration Award

22 November 2013

Tim Woollings has been awarded the inaugural University of Oslo Inspiration Award for Numerical Climate Studies, one of five such awards intended to "recognise and reward a valuable scientific output or a distinguished scientific career that others have found absolutely inspirational". Tim's award is for his paper "Variability of the North Atlantic eddy-driven jet stream" published in the Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society.

This is the second major award Tim has received for this work, having been awarded the L F Richardson Prize of the Royal Meteorological Society prior to moving to Oxford this summer.

The Inspiration Award is particularly noteworthy in that it comes with an unbound copy of Lewis Fry Richardson's seminal book on "Weather Prediction by Numerical Processes", which became the "spark for all numerical climate studies". The volume, along with some hand-written notes, was passed on to Henry Stommel and subsequently Peter Rhines, two of the greatest figures in Physical Oceanography. Tim gets to keep the volume and notes for five years, after which he will pass them on to the next recipient.