Oxford University Physics Department Industry Day

13 November 2013

The University of Oxford Physics Department held an industry day in October to highlight existing commercial projects and to gain interest in further industrial collaboration. Companies visited the department to find out more about working with Oxford Physics, including how to access their £3k collaboration voucher competition. The Head of the Department, John Wheater said “It is good to see so much interest from companies in the research going on in the department. Oxford Physics Department has many on-going relationships with companies and this day was a chance to recognise that as well as to develop new partnerships.”

The event showcased some of STFC’s funded projects, including Antonin Vacheret’s neutron detection technology, which has recently been funded under the STFC Mini IPS Scheme. Sam Henry, who is the recent recipient of an STFC Follow on Fund, discussed opportunities with industry who might be interested in SQUID magnetometery for applications such as geophysical exploration. Oxford’s STFC IPS Fellow, Martine Harvey, assisted in the organisation of the day and said “The day was a great success, not only did local companies visit, but companies from further afield, such as Yorkshire. The day proved to be a perfect opportunity for industry to talk directly to academics about their research as well as to have tours of our extensive facilities and workshops which are available for external use.”

For further information on collaborating with Oxford Physics Department and their £3k collaboration voucher please contact Oxford Physics Department: martine.harvey@physics.ox.ac.uk