Dr Andrei Starinets awarded ERC starting grant

26 September 2012

Dr Starinets has been awarded an ERC Starting grant for research on non-equilibrium gauge-string duality.

The goal is to study non-equilibrium states of strongly coupled quantum systems relevant for heavy ion and condensed matter physics by using existing and developing new methods of gauge-string duality (also know as holography or AdS/CFT correspondence). The gauge-string duality is a set of non-perturbative tools developed within string theory over the last fourteen years. The duality methods can be used independently of the final status of string theory itself. Strongly coupled model systems at finite temperature and density are of great interest for they appear in many areas of physics including physics of heavy ion collisions and physics of trapped cold atoms. Gauge-string duality methods already proved very useful in supplying information about transport properties such as viscosity and spectral functions of thermal quantum field theories at strong coupling. In 2011, Dr Starinets was awarded the IOP Maxwell Medal for his work in this field.