Violette & Samuel Glasstone Fellowship awarded to Douwe Jan Bonthuis

9 February 2012

During the course of his 3 year Fellowship, Douwe will address an exciting problem in polymer dynamics – how polymers and biopolymers move through nano-pores. This is an important and topical problem due to its relevance to biomolecular transport across cell membranes, and the rapid development of experimental techniques in this area that could be used in DNA sequencing.

Douwe will be based at the Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics and the Oxford Centre for Soft and Biological Matter, and will work closely with Prof Golestanian and Prof Yeomans from Michaelmas 2012.

The Glasstone Research Fellowships in Science are supported by the Glasstone Bequest and are awarded to early career researchers in memory of Professor Samuel Glasstone and his first wife, Violette.