EuroMagnet prize for research on iron superconductors using high magnetic fields

19 October 2011

Amalia Coldea from the Quantum Materials group has been awarded the EuroMagnet prize 2011 for her outstanding contribution to the understanding of the electronic structure of iron-based superconductors by using high magnetic fields. The prize was awarded at the EuroMagnet II User Meeting in Toulouse where Amalia presented her latest research on iron-based superconductors.

High magnetic fields and low temperatures are extreme experimental conditions in which one can obtain unique insight into the normal state of superconductors. Under such conditions quantum properties can be directly revealed using highly sensitive experimental tools, such as AFM microcantilevers in micron size single crystals. Quantum oscillations determined by the Landau quantization of the energy levels in magnetic fields provide direct information about the topology of the Fermi surface and about the effect of electronic correlations, which are essential ingredients to build up models for understanding superconductivity and design new materials.

Research in this area will continue by using the unique high magnetic field facilities available in Oxford up to 60T.