Physics 2.0

8 April 2011

We're delighted to show you our new website. It has been many months in the making, and is the first of many exciting new web developments for the department.

The site is a big step forward for us, mainly because we've built it using a sophisticated content management system. This lets us share responsibility for maintaining our site content, so that we can all keep the site up to date, effective and beautiful.

For those who are interested, the site has been built in Drupal. We chose Drupal after comparing and testing a great many content management systems (both commercial and open source). It soon became obvious that Drupal gives us the power, flexibility and maintainability that we need.

The site has been built by a group of internal and external designers and developers:

  • Technical R&D, project management and software development were done by Alberon Ltd.
  • Graphic design and information architecture were done by One Ltd.
  • System integration, content gathering and software development were done by members of the departmental IT team - Chris Causer, Andy Carslaw & Max Bradbury.
  • Overall project control was done by Paolo Radaelli.

We hope you like the new site. Keep coming back - there's much more to come.