Physics: Lab to Life 2021

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Registration closes at 4pm on 11th March 2021.

Please note that some of the talks at this event may be recorded: Recording will be available online at a later date. You will be informed if the talk is recorded. Your screen name will not be visible to any other attendees during the event and should not feature on this recording unless you ask a question, which can also be done anonymously. Your video and microphone will be turned off for any talks that are recorded.

Parent/legal guardian: Please complete this registration form as the parent/legal guardian of any participants who are under the age of 18.

Personal data: We will use the data to register your attendance at the Physics: Lab to Life hosted by the Department of Physics, University of Oxford. For further information on how we will use your personal data, please refer to the 'Registration for outreach events' privacy notice here.

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This event is open to everyone (age 14+ years) who is interested in finding out more about the research we do and its applications. We are interested in knowing more about participants' backgrounds in physics to help us tailor our events.
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I am curious about physics
I like to keep up to date with physics-related news
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I am interested in finding out more about the applications of physics in the real world
I am looking forward to seeing inside the research labs
I work or study in a physics-related field
This is the first event I have attended which is hosted by the University of Oxford
I have not studied a physics-related course beyond GCSE Science (or equivalent)
I like to read books or watch TV programmes about physics