Oxford Physics Stretch Week 2020

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Please complete this form if you are a student who has been offered a place on the Oxford Physics Stretch Week 2020. We will use the data to process your application.

Privacy notice

We may take photos and film video during the online events. In the registration form we ask you to provide consent for us to use any images and film footage of you taken at the events.

The University of Oxford will use the images and film footage in print or online (including social media) for the purpose of promoting the 'Preparing for the PAT' course and for any future promotion of the University. It will not share the images with any third party without your consent. Please confirm your consent to us collecting and processing this data as described by ticking the box to confirm consent in the registration form.

For further information on how we will use your personal data, please refer to the outreach event privacy notice and the 'Photos and videos' privacy notice here. If you have any questions please contact schools.liaison@physics.ox.ac.uk.


When you have submitted your form, you should receive an email to confirm receipt of your details. Please check this and inform us of any errors.

I confirm that my parent(s)/guardian(s) have granted me permission to attend this event. (Students without parent/guardian permission will not be able to take part.)
Do you have any medical or accessibility requirements we should be aware of? Is there anything we should do or provide to help you access the online talks?