Wireless connection for macOS

1. Click on the wireless icon at the top right hand corner of the screen, click Physics_S in the list of available networks.

2. Type in you Physics network credentials into the 'User Name' and 'Password' fields. Please prefix your username with 'physics\'. NOTE THIS USES A BACKSLASH NOT A FORWARD SLASH. Click OK.

3. When connecting to the Physics_S network for the first time you will see a 'Verify Certificate' window. Click 'Show Certificate'.

4. Make sure 'Always trust "radius1.physics.ox.ac.uk"' is checked. Click 'Continue'.

5. You will now be prompted for you local password to allow changes to your 'Certificate Trust Settings'. You should now be connected to the Physics_S wireless network.

6. You may notice after either logging off or shutting down your Mac that you are not automatically connected back to Physics_S, an exclemation mark is seen at the wireless icon.

7. Click on the wireless icon and select 'Open Network Preferences...'

8. Click on the 'Connect' button, the wireless will now reconnect to Physics_S without being prompted for further credentials.

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