RH Meeting Room Conferencing

Display projector

Connecting your own laptop

  • Connect grey video cable (on table near microphone) to your laptop
  • Press source button of the remote control for the projector
  • Enable video output on your laptop (normally done by pressing FN and F7)

Please, do not switch off the screen - it will automatically go into a low power setting after 1 hour of inactivity.

Video Conferencing

Key Features:

  • Supports Video Conferencing using H.323 (Industry Standard) protocol to any standard commercial system
  • Supports the CERN Vidyo System
  • Supports Skype calls with or without video
  • Can join Webex conferences (but special account needed to host Webex conferences)
  • USB Camera and echo cancelling microphone/speaker unit

Technical Details:


  • PC running Windows 7
  • Web camera
  • Echo cancelling microphone/speaker

Setting up the Equipment:

  • Press the source button on the remote control for the projector
  • login locally with username "video" (login as ".\video") and password video@oxford

Important note:

  • Please, do not switch off the PC.

Using Skype

  • double-click on the Skype icon
  • The laptop is know under the skype name "OXFORD_RH_MEETING_ROOM and the password is video@oxford
  • make a call or receive a call as required

Using the CERN Vidyo Service:

Joining an existing Vidyo conference (virtual room):

  • Double-click on the icon labelled Vidyo desktop
  • The Vidyo application will then start up but will stay hidden in the background. The only indication that it is running will be a small cube shaped icon in the task bar.

If you have been sent a link, then simply open your e-mail and click on the link.

Or if you are a registered Vidyo user, login to CERN Vidyo portal and join the meeting.

Start an ad-hoc Vidyo Conference using the default virtual room:

  • Prior to the meeting, email the other parties and ask them to join you by clicking on this link: OXFORD_PHYSICS_OPMD_ROOM and give them the pin code which is 73333. If they do not have Vidyo installed, they will be prompted to do so. Please, note that not all institutions allow Vidyo traffic through their firewalls.
  • Double-click on the icon labelled Vidyo desktop
  • Double-click on the icon labelled CERN VIDYO Mulvey room shortcut
  • When prompted, either login using the Vidyo account or login as guest.

Audio Controls during a meeting

  • All of the above mentioned conference types use of the special Duet Microphone/Speaker unit.
  • During the conference you can mute the microphone by pressing the middle button on the mute button on the unit , You can adjust the speaker volume by pressing the up/down arrow keys or by pressing the volume controls on the remote control for the LCD screen.

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