Using the Sharp Printer-Copier-Scanners

All of the copiers require a pin number to log on, Please use the seven digit number found on your University ID card to log on, old pin numbers previously used for copiers will *not* work.

All of the copiers are available to all physics staff members, your pin will work on any sharp device.

Sharp summary document in PDF format. Sharp summary document in PPT format.

Scan a document and send via email

The copiers can email you (or any selected email address) a PDF file of scanned documents.
To use the Scan to PDF function.

  1. Login to the device as normal with your Pin Number
  2. Press the "Image Send" button.
  3. For double-sided scanning from the upper feeder press "Original" and then "2-Sided Booklet".
  4. You will now be faced with a few options regarding the format and resolution of the file you wish to be attached to the email, the defaults in the vast majority of cases will be fine.
  5. First step is to enter the email address you wish to have the document sent to. This can be done in one of two ways.
    Method a. Select "Address Entry", Choose "To" or "CC", this will then give you a full, on-screen Keyboard to manually enter an address. Once you’re finished typing in the address Press OK to return to the main Scan to PDF screen.
    Method b. Select "Address Book", choose "Global address search", enter the first name of the Person you wish to send to, press "Search" this will list everyone from the global Physics address book starting with the selected name. Once you have selected the Destination address, the "To" and "CC" buttons will become active, Select The appropriate option. At this point you can add further recipients by selecting "Next Address" and repeating the steps described here.
  6. Place your document on either the faceplate or if you have multiple pages, into the document Feeder facing up.
  7. Hit either the Colour or Black and White copy button located to the right of the main display. Note! When using the face plate you will be prompted with a "Read end" dialog, Press "Read End" To send the document. If using the document feeder, the email is sent immediately after all pages have been scanned.
  8. When you are finished don’t forget to Press the "LOGOUT" button just to the right of the main display.

Note: Scan to PDF is Free!

Normal Copy usage


  1. Log into the device as normal with your pin number
  2. Press the "Copy" Button to enter normal copy mode.
  3. Place your documents on the faceplate or lead them in to the document feeder.
  4. Using the numeric keypad enter the number of copies required(Default is One)
  5. Press the Colour or Black and White copy button to begin the copy process.
  6. Once you’re finished, press the log out button.

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