Overview of Exchange

Exchange 2010 provides all the elements of a messaging service in a single integrated solution:

It can re-route incoming mail onto other mail systems.
It can store mail messages within its own Information Store.
It provides a directory service containing all the contact information for Physics staff and this information is available to email clients supporting the LDAP directory access protocol.
It provides flexible access to your stored email via
Web Browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc)
IMAP clients (e.g. Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Pine, Outlook Express)
POP clients (e.g. Eudora)
Microsoft Exchange Clients (e.g. Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft Entourage).
It provides the means to share information in a secure and controlled way so that email folders or your calendars can be made available to your colleagues.

We intend to use the system in a mode where email messages will be stored within the Exchange information store and viewed on demand by any email or web client. Although it is possible, we recommend that email is not transferred from the exchange server to your own private mail store. The great advantage of this is that your mail never moves so you get the same view of your mail from any computer type with any email software. Use of the Web Access service on Exchange may well be interesting for those travelling offsite as all you need to find is a relatively uptodate web browser.

We are currently migrating accounts from Exchange 2003 to 2010. For more information, please click here.

To use the system you will a require a Windows account and an Exchange mailbox. Please contact IT Support.

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