Obtaining kits on a Linux system

To access copies of software distribution kits on our local server from a Linux system you may do the following.

  • Create a temporary local directory to receive the kit and go to it:
    • mkdir tempkit
    • cd tempkit
  • Connect to the server using the interactive smbclient program:
    • smbclient //LOCALKITS.physics.ox.ac.uk/OxKits_xxxxxx --user="physics\\yourusername" (where xxxxxxx is the name of the package you want e.g. "MATLAB" and yourusername is your Physics Windows username e.g. "bloggs" )
  • Switch off prompting.
    • smb: \> prompt
  • Use the dir and cd commands to see what's available and to navigate to what you want
    • smb: \> dir
    • smb: \> cd ddddddd
  • Enable copying of multiple files and folders.
    • smb: \> recurse
  • Copy all the files from the selected directory into the tempkit local directory:
    • smb: \> mget *
  • Exit the smbclient program:
    • smb: \> q

Make sure that you have selected the kit you require and have copied the complete kit into a local folder on your Linux system.

If you cannot find what you require on LOCALKITS look on the old kits server CSXP12 as some packages may not yet have been transferred.

Further information on licensing, etc for individual packages is available.

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