Nexus 365 Migration Issues

The migration from the Physics Exchange Server to Nexus 365 took place over the weekend of 2-5th March 2018. Please see below for a list of issues and their status.

Mis-Identification of Junk-Email 8th March 2018

We are seeing a lot of misidentified Junk Email. We are working with IT services to understand this. IT services migrated before physics (800+ mailboxes) and do not have this issue so we are currently looking for something which is specific to physics and the way our emails flow. In the meantime, please check your Junk Email folders regularly and white-list as appropriate (via outlook's Junk Email Options or OWA's Allow/Block options). The problem with scanned documents from the departmental printers being moved to the Junk Email forward turned out to be a separate problem and is fixed.

Please note that if a message has been put in the Junk Email folder it may not display properly until returned to the inbox. This is by design to protect you from malware via links, attached documents etc.

Problems making connections with Apple Mac Mail 8th March 2018

We have now seen around a dozen cases where connecting from apple mail hasn't happened automatically and if setup manually will fail after some hours. These have all been Yosemite (MacOS 10.10). As this version of the OS is no longer supported by Apple we strongly recommend upgrading to a newer version rather than trying to find more targeted solutions. We are aware of around 40 machines in Physics still running Yosemite and known users have been contacted but please check private laptops, home systems etc too.

`Missing` Groups 8th March 2018

Some users have reported that they cant email to some of the old distribution groups. They are still all there on the old exchange server but only the most commonly used have entries in the Nexus address book (their names usually start with `PHYSICS`). They can be used even without the address book entry but you will need to use their full email address in the form (distributionlistame) Once you've used it once your email client will probably autocomplete the whole address as you type the distribution list name.

Alternatively, the address book from the old physics server is still available and can be added to your email clients as an additional address book

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