Mobile Video Conference Unit 1

Key Features:

  • Supports Video Conferencing using H.323 (Industry Standard) protocol to any standard commercial system
  • Registered with the following Multiway Video Conferencing Facility: JVCS (Janet Video Conferencing Service)
  • Supports EVO (Enabling Virtual Organizations)
  • Supports CERN Vidyo
  • Supports Skype
  • Supports Webex

Technical Details:


  • Laptop running Windows Windows 7 and Polycom Telepresence M100 Camera
  • webcam
  • Echo canceling microphone
  • Speakers (optional)

Compatibility - common standards:

  • video conferencing standard h.323 (TCP/IP)
  • data conferencing: t.120, h.263
  • video standards: h.261 and h.263 - resolution: CIF and QCIF
  • audio standards: g.711, g.723, g.728

IP Informaton:

  • IP address
  • Room ID within Janet system (UK): 0044010401394

Setting up the Equipment:

  • Connect laptop to power socket and power on
  • connect laptop to network point (do not use wireless)
  • login locally with username "video" and password video@oxford
  • connect USB cable from the camera to the laptop
  • connect usb cable from microphone to the laptop
  • If in a large room: connect speakers (mini jack lead) to microphone and power on speakers

Making a point to point video conference call

  • double-click on the Polycom M100 icon
  • type in the ip address of the system you want to call and click on the green button

Receiving a point to point video conference call

  • Make sure that the caller has got the IP address of the system:
  • double-click on the Polycom M100 icon
  • Wait for the incoming call - it will automatically be accepted

Joining a video conference via ESNET or KEK

  • double-click on the Polycom PVX icon
  • For ESNET, type 0011349 followed by "room number" for the conference you want to join and the click on the green button
  • For KEK, type 0011289 followed by "room number" for the conference you want to join and the click on the green button
  • if you are prompted for a pin code:
  • click on "controls" at the bottom of the window
  • click on the "Keypad" tab
  • enter the pin followed by # (sometimes referred to as the "pound" key)

Joining a video conference arranged via JVCS

  • Please note, that JVCS conferences have to be booked with JVCS in advance of the meeting - please allow at least a couple of hours.
  • double-click on the Polycom m100 icon
  • wait for the JVCS system to call you - the call will automatically be accepted.

Joining an Vidyo meeting

  • Double-click on the Vidyo icon on the desktop
  • follow instructions, or click on link on e-mail containing the meeting invitation

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