MATLAB Standalone Licences

Standalone licences are obtained from and managed via the Mathworks Web site. If you already have a Mathworks login from a previous licence you will need to associate it with the Oxford University MATLAB site licence. If you don't have a Mathworks login you will need to create one.

When registering for a new account or changing the details of a previous account you must use your Oxford e-mail address e.g. your address but any address ending in will be accepted.

Start here if you are creating a new Mathworks login account.

To create an account on the Mathworks Web site you can do the following.

Click on Create an Account .
At the top of the form enter your e-mail address which must end in
Retype your e-mail address in the second box to confirm.
Enter a password and keep a note of it.
Enter your password again in the second box to confirm.
For Country/Region enter United Kingdom.
Under How will you use The Mathworks Software
Select Academic use (Including campus/site licence use).
If you select anything other than Academic use you will not be able to associate with the Oxford MATLAB site licence.
Fill in the rest of the form.
Click on Continue.
Customise your account as required.
Click on Submit.

Mathworks will then send you an e-mail containing a link to the e-mail address you used to register for your account.
When you receive the e-mail you must click on the link to complete the account creation process.
This will open a Web page that will say that your "e-mail address has been verified".
Do not close the Web browser, just the window saying your address has been verified.
In the Web browser window click on Continue.
Your account has been created and you can now use it.

Start here if you have an existing Mathworks login account or have just created a new one.

To associate your account with the Oxford University MATLAB site licence you can do the following.
Click on My Account.
Under My Licences
Click on Manage Licences.
You should now be on the Mathworks | Licence Centre page.
Click on the Add Licence button.
An Add Licence box will appear.
Select Activation Key.
Click on Continue.
Paste in the Oxford University MATLAB Site Licence Activation Key for standalone licences.
Click on Continue.
You should now see a box that says you are associated with the site licence.
Click on Done.

You should now be back on The Mathworks | Licence Centre page.
You should see an entry for our Oxford University MATLAB site licence number.

All the MATLAB kits are available from our local kits server using the instructions for obtaining software kits from the local server.
At this point, however, you can download software kits from the Mathworks Web site if you wish.

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