MATLAB Installation Notes for Version 7.6 and later

MATLAB Installation Notes for Version 7.6 and later.

A MATLAB licence is needed.

Note that details may differ with different versions of MATLAB and Operating system.

From version 7.6 onwards licensing has changed. For concurrent licences from the licence server only a File Installation Key is required. The File Activation Key is already installed on the server. Stand-alone installations will require an activation key. Ensure that you save the contents of the File Installation Key and licence file to separate files on a local disk before starting the installation.

You may do the following when installing MATLAB.

Copy the complete MATLAB kit (for the desired version and platform) from the server share ( as of writing, \\\OxKits_MATLAB\ ) into a directory on a local disk e.g. TempInstall .

Run Installer.exe (Windows) or unzip (Linux/Mac) or tar -xf boot.ftp (Linux/Mac) .

You may have to have all files for the installation in the same directory: if the previous step placed files in a sub-directory you may have to move them up into TempInstall ( Do not move update directory in Linux).

Un-zipping of the zip file, e.g. "" creates a directory such as "matlab_R2011b_glnxa64_installer" and contains a sub-directory "archives". All files from the separate "archive" directory in e.g. \\\OxKits_MATLAB\7.14 must be copied to the local e.g. "matlab_R2011b_glnxa64_installer/archive" directory.

On Mac OS X, for MATLAB 2011a/7.12, the "archives" folder must be re-located inside of the "matlab_R2011a_maci64_installer" folder (which is generated by the .zip file of the same name). This does not apply if you use the disk image burnt on to DVD .

N.B. For Mac OS X you will need to have X11 installed before MATLAB can be run. The MATLAB installation will inform you if you need to install X11. Don't download X11: use the version of X11 from your OS X installation disks.

Run setup.exe (Windows) or InstallForMacOSX app (Mac) or ./install ( Linux/(Mac) ).

From the Installer Welcome window select Install manually without using the Internet. (Note: under Linux, in the installation wizard, you may need to choose the "Custom" installation option)

Accept the licence conditions.

To continue choose the remaining instructions for your operating system.

Remaining Notes for Installing on a Windows System.

Remaining Notes for Installing on a Linux System.

Remaining Notes for Installing on a Mac OS X System.

Check that MATLAB is working by either selecting the Desktop icon for MATLAB or by going to Start -> Programs -> MATLAB -> etc...

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