IT Staff

For general enquiries and Windows support email IT Support or contact your local helpdesk, for network problems / queries contact Network Support and for Unix support contact the machine's administrator directly or IT Support.

Name Main Function Phone Room
Ian McArthur IT Manager 73350 DWB 662B

Russell Allcock West Site IT Support + Helpdesk 73485 DWB 667
Richard Smith West Site Apple/Astrophysics Support 73485 DWB 667
John Macallister East Site IT Officer + Helpdesk 73388 CL 263

John Harris Senior Windows Administrator 73485 DWB 667
Chris Hunter Network Manager 73501 DWB 662
David Newton Network & AV Systems Manager 73329 DWB 565
Pete Gronbech Senior Systems Manager 73389 DWB 661
Kashif Mohammad Unix Administrator 73389 DWB 661
Vipul Davda Unix Administrator 73389 DWB 661
Bernard West Database Application Development 73379 DWB 660
Grzegorz Agacinski Web Services 73379 DWB 660

Stig Topp-Jorgensen PP DAQ and Central Support 73506 DWB 663

Martin J. Carter Astrophysics Systems Support 73291 DWB 761
Paul Salazar Central Physics Unix support 73379 DWB 660
Russell Jones Theoretical Physics Systems 73958 TH 5.8
Man-Suen Chan AOPP IT Officer 72932 AOPP 209F

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