How to setup Apple Mail to use IMAP/SMTP on Nexus365

Instructions for how to Apple Mail using IMAP/SMTP to rather than using the Exchange protocol.

You may wish to do this if you would like to send emails from more than one email address on Nexus365.

  1. Open System Preferences > Internet Accounts.
  2. If you have existing account setup to your Physics email account delete it by highlighting the email account you wish to delete and click the "-" Delete icon in the lower left of the dialog box and delete the selected account.
  3. Select Add Other Account... from the bottom of the list of the types of email accounts
  4. Select Mail Account and fill out your Name, Email Address & SSO password.
  5. In the next screen enter the following into the field names
    Email Address your email address
    Username SSO@OX.AC.UK
    Password your SSO password
    Account Type IMAP
    Incoming Mail Server
    Outgoing Mail Server
  6. Click Sign In
  7. Select if you wish to synchronise Mail and Notes via IMAP and click Done.

If you wish to send emails from more than one email address

  1. Open Mail and click on Mail > Preferences and click on the Accounts tab at the top of the dialog box.
  2. Select the Nexus365 email account and click on the Email address drop down list and select "Edit Email Addresses..." and add your other email addresses and click OK.
  3. When you now send a new email you should be able to select the email address you want to send the email from in the From field.

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