Create basic WebLearn course website

WebLearn is a web application maintained by IT Services (Banbury Road). It is a great tool that helps lecturers set up a website for course in easy and quick way. WebLearn comes with range of tools (that can be enabled/disabled) to support and enhance teaching within Oxford University.

WebLearn new features

New mobile-friendly design of WebLearn, enhancements to the interface, and improved tools such as ‘Lessons’, which can be used to build learning pathways of content and activities for students.

Benefits and new features for students, including how to customise your profile and your favourite sites, and how to subscribe to your WebLearn calendar from other calendars.

WebLearn introduction

Below you can find set of common questions and answers that should allow you to create basic WebLearn website for your course.

To follow below instructions we assume that you have access to the WebLearn site for your course with access role: maintain. Please contact and ask for help with setting up WebLearn site for your course.

What I need to know to create basic website for my course using WebLearn?

How do I login to WebLearn portal?

  1. Please visit this page:
  2. Click Oxford Account link (right-top side of the page).
  3. Provide SSO username and password. Please contact if you have problem with SSO account.

How do I find my WebLearn course website?

Your WebLearn course website should be set up within Department of Physics hierarchy (please request if you want one). There are at least 3 ways to find it:

  1. Visit
    1. Method 1:
      1. Use Search my sites from set of links from the left side of the welcome page (just under Welcome link).
      2. Type in the text field name of the course site you are looking for.
      3. Click Search button.
      4. Please notice: this would work only if WebLearn site for your course was set up correctly. Option Site visibility must be set to Display in public site index under Site Info -> Manage Access.
    2. Method 2:
      1. Login to WebLearn portal using SSO account.
      2. Click My Sites (top-right side) and click name of your WebLearn course site.
    3. Method 3:
      1. From Welcome page click on the MPLS link under set of links Sub-sites (left side) next Department of Physics -> Teaching.

How do I change text for my WebLearn course home page?

  1. Login to WebLearn and find your WebLearn course site.
  2. Click on the Home link -> next click Options link.
  3. You would be presented with the page to customize home page for your WebLearn course site. In most case you would like to change:
    1. Title
    2. And Description (text for home page). You change it by typing text into textarea field (use the scroll bar to move up and down). Use WYSIWYG editor to format text – there are options just above textarea field e.g. to make text bold, add link etc.
  4. To save changes click Update Options button.

Where do I upload teaching notes?

  1. Login to WebLearn and find your WebLearn course site.
  2. Click link Resources (left side). This is the place where you upload all your different types of files: PDFs, Microsoft Word, Excel, images, even html pages. You have 1Gb space for your whole course website. To check current quota please click Check Quota link (top of the page).
  3. You should consider organising your resources into directories/sub-directories to keep the structure easy and logical to browse by students of your course.

How do I create new folder under Resources?

  1. Login to WebLearn and find your WebLearn course site.
  2. Go to Resources.
  3. Click on the Add option next to the directory under which you want to create subfolder and select Create Folders.
  4. Type name of the new folder in the Folder Name text field and click Create Folders Now button.

How do I upload PDF with lecture notes?

  1. Login to WebLearna and find your WebLearn course site.
  2. Go to Resources.
  3. Click on the Add option next to the directory into which you would like to upload for example PDF file with lecture notes.
  4. From the list select Upload Files, use form to select and upload PDF file (Browse …) -> Upload Files Now

How do I control access to my WebLearn course site?

Number of options, that you can access and change, should give you enough power to control access to your WebLearn site as well as to uploaded resources.

  1. Site Info -> Manage Access
    1. You can disable access to WebLearn site if for example you are developing it and it doesn’t make sense to make it accessible as content, structure is under constant change. Please select Leave as Draft option on this page. Ensure to change this option to “Publish site” once you are ready to go live.
    2. To control access at broader level (without specifying list of users that can access it – site participants) you can choose relevant options from Additional Access:
      1. Anyone – it would make your course site public, not login required to access it content
      2. If you want to enable it for all Oxford University users please choose appropriate options from Oxford and/or Oxford Card Statutes groups. Anyone with SSO username and password would be able to login and view content of your site.
      3. Because we are creating WebLearn site for course it seems more appropriate to grant access to specific students (as well as to additional lecturer if required – site participants) and not leave it opened to anyone within Oxford University or public.
    3. Site visibility option is not about controlling access to your WebLearn site it is about allowing others to search for it via WebLearn site search tool. You still control access to whole WebLearn site or particular resources by setting appropriate options to meet your requirements.
  2. Grant access to WebLearn site for course group:
    1. Site Info -> Edit Site Information
      1. Click Add Participant Group button
      2. From Select a group column browse, expand and select course group that would be granted access.
      3. Once selected ensure that you assign role = access (this is enough to browse lecture resources).
      4. To add group click Add Group button.
      5. Important thing to remember: we grant access to predefined course group. Members of this group are managed centrally it means that it always should contains up-to-date list of the students for your course.
    2. Grant access to single user (site participants):
      1. Site Info -> Add Participants
      2. Using this page we can add Oxford University users (specify Oxford University email address) or external user (type external email address).
      3. For each group of users we add via this page we have to specify participant role, in principle set role to:
        1. Access – for students.
        2. Contribute – for additional tutor that would need to have permission to upload new content but doesn’t need to change participants of the site.
        3. Maintain – as Contribute role but can update participants of the site

You can use all the above options at the same time but it is recommended to set up access to your course site in the easiest way.

How do I control access to course resources?

By default access to the resources is the same as global access settings for your WebLearn site (Site Info -> Manage Access). There is a way to change per file/folder permissions as well as restrict when file/folder should be accessible (date, time), even to hide it when you are working on the content of the file/folder:

  1. Login to WebLearn and find your WebLearn course site.
  2. Go to Resources.
  3. To change top level access permission for Resources folder click on the Permissions link (top of the page).
  4. To change a file/folder permissions click on the Actions option and select: Edit Folder Permissions (or/and Edit Details properties for additional options) to open up matrix of permissions that can be applied to the file/folder.
    1. Remember that you can open up access to sub folders/files. If you set up top level folder in Resources to be accessible just for authenticated users you would be able to set subfolder to be publically accessible. It is not possible to do this in opposite way.
    2. When uploading files there is limit per one file: max 60Mb, total space for WebLearn site 1Gb.

Please visit sample Lecture site:

What next?

This is just a basic introduction that should help you to create your first WebLearn course site and understand how to use basic tools for your course website. There are additinal tools that can be enabled for your WebLearn sites for example: survey, assessment etc. You can enable them by going to: Site Info -> Edit tools.

If you want to learn more please visit WebLearn Guidance page (detailed instructions, video tutorials, training courses)

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