Astro software articles - IT Support

Applications Setup
How to Activate certain programs and suites at the command line
Astrophysics: Software Updates
Announcements of new and updated software for Astro Macs
Environment Modules on Apple Macs
A functional replacement for Applications Setup
IDL in Astrophysics
IDL, as installed on Astro MacOS X systems
IRAF in a virtual Python
Setup and usage of IRAF, for use by PyRAF in virtual Python
MacPorts on Apple Macintosh Systems
MacPorts programs and libraries on Astrophysics MacOS X systems
Makefiles for Beginners
First steps in using the "make" utility
Screen: managing multiple programs over a single ssh connection
Interactive background processing
Self Service for MacOS
The Self-Service facility under macOS
The Starlink collection
Virtual Python on Astrophysics Macs
Creating and using a virtual Python setup, using Central MacPorts

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