Astrophysics Apple Desktop System



Physics IT offers Astrophysics a unified, multi-user desktop system for its members to perform day-to-day computing tasks and smaller numerical tasks. The system is based around Macintosh desktop clients.

The desktop clients share authentication information and each mount a common filesystem, meaning that users can log into any or all iMacs at both the console and via SSH. Each system runs a common, continuously developed software set that provides modern and stable software on the desktop, and ensures that code that runs on one machine can be easily run on all the other machines in the system. In addition, optional software can be added using the provided "Self Service" application. Common configuration, such as printer setup, is performed in advance.

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Storing data, and backups

You have two places to store data, your home folder, and a "Data" partition on your computer. Your home folder is stored on a fileserver and can be accessed from any computer in the department, or from outside. The Data partition is stored on your hard disk, and is local to that machine only. We strongly recommend that you store and work on large data sets in your "Data" partition rather than your home folder as you will see better performance when working with the data.

Data stored on your computer is automatically backed up, and anything deleted from your computer is kept and can be recovered for up to two months.

To recover backups, or if you have any other questions, email

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