Adding Printers: optional features

At some stage in the process of installing a printer, you should be asked to specify optional features. This page attempts to document the extra facilities of the printers maintained by Central Physics, which for any one type tend to have a uniform set of extras. For a list of Central-Physics printers (by queue name, type and location), please see List of Printers in Physics.

This initially concentrates on the public Sharp printers in the Denys Wilkinson building; options are listed in the order in which they appear in the MacOS X driver setup dialogue ("driver set" is of interest to those downloading their own drivers or PPD suites, eg from Sharp's UK Download Centre or SharpUSA, to help avoid duplication). Please help make good any errors or omissions by e-mailing IT Support at the usual address, or adding a comment via the link at the foot of this page.


You can verify the settings after installation, and adjust them if and as necessary, by going to Preferences > Print & Scan > Options & Supplies > Driver.

Sharp printer/copiers

Type Driver set Input trays Output trays Other
AR-M201 MX-NB11
AR-M700U AR-PK5 * AR-LC6 + Inserter Saddle stich finisher Punch
MX-2301N MX-PBX1 2 Finisher
MX-2610N MX-C26 4 Finisher
MX-2640N MX-C26 4 Finisher
MX-3100N MX-PBX1 4 Finisher Right tray
MX-3110N MX-C26 4 (3 in AOPP) Finisher Right tray
MX-4112N MX-C26 4 Finisher (large stacker)
MX-4141N MX-C26 4 Finisher (large stacker)
MX-4500N MX-PBX1 Finisher
MX-5500N MX-PBX1 Finisher
MX-6240N MX-C37 Bypass Finisher
MX-753U MX-PKX MX-LC10 + Inserter Saddle stitch finisher 4-hole Punch
MX-B201D MX-NB11
MX-C311 MX-PBX1 4 (2 in DWB) Finisher
MX-C312 MX-PBX1 4 Finisher (not in Zooniverse)
MX-M363N MX-C26 4 Finisher

* Not known to have a driver for MacOS X 10.10 (Yosemite) yet.

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