61st Cherwell Simon Memorial Lecture - Professor Fabiola Gianotti (Director General at CERN)

20 May 2021 - 5:00pm
General public (Age 14+)

The 61st Cherwell Simon Memorial Lecture will be given by Professor Fabiola Gianotti (Director General at CERN)

'Scientific research (and much more …) at CERN'

We are delighted to welcome Professor Fabiola Gianotti as our guest speaker for this talk.

CERN, the largest laboratory in the world for accelerator-based particle physics, is a centre of scientific and technological excellence. It is also a brilliant example of open science, inclusiveness and collaboration across borders. This presentation will cover CERN’s scientific programme and other aspects of CERN’s mission.

Join our hosts, Professors Daniela Bortoletto (Head of Particle Physics) and Paolo Radaelli (Dr Lee’s Professor of Experimental Philosophy) for this wonderful occasion, hosted with the collaboration of the Italian Embassy in London.

This is a public event and everyone is welcome to join us!
It will be hosted via Zoom.

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Image/Portrait of Prof Gianotti copyright: CERN

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