"Magnificent Muons" (part of the Quantum Materials Seminars for Y10 to Y13)

14 Jul 2020 - 4:00pm
GCSE and A-level students Year 10 to Year 13

Quantum Materials Seminars for Year 10 to Year 13 students

(These will be given on four different dates, with different speakers)

14th July - Johnny Wilkinson: "Magnificent Muons"

Often, Quantum Materials and Particle Physics are seen as two completely separate branches of Physics. But it turns out that there is one particle, the muon, which despite only surviving for 2 millionths of a second has properties that make it really useful for studying quantum materials. In this short talk, Johnny will show how muons can be used to help us watch what atoms inside quantum materials get up to, and how they are used to unlock some of the biggest questions in quantum materials today.

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Johnny is a DPhil student in Condensed Matter Physics at the University of Oxford. He specialises in muon spin rotation, which is a technique that uses muons to study the goings-on inside quantum materials. Before embarking on his DPhil, he was a MSci student at the University of Birmingham, and a summer placement student at the ISIS neutron and muon source.

About the Seminar Series:

This series of short online seminars is aimed at students studying Physics at GCSE and A-Level who want to broaden their knowledge and learn a little bit more about the science we do here in Quantum Materials and what it is like to carry out this cutting-edge research.
Each seminar is 30 minutes long and will include plenty of time to ask all your burning questions. They are all completely free to attend and you can pick and choose which talks you want to hear based on what interests you. All you need to do is register by visiting this page.

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