Quantum Computers - The World's Most Incredible Machines

5 Jul 2017 - 6:00pm
Rhodes House, South Parks Road
General public (Age 12+)

Professor Winfried Hensinger, University of Sussex, will give a public talk about his exciting research to build a quantum computer.

Come along and find out about these incredible machines!

Computers built with quantum technology (a quantum computer) may fundamentally change what a computer may be able to accomplish. Many problems are so complicated that even the fastest supercomputer would currently take millions of years to provide an answer. Optimising financial transactions, machine learning, creating new medicines, understand protein folding and breaking codes are just some of the problems where the existence of a quantum computer could change everything.

The challenge to build a universal quantum computers has been described as difficult as manned space travel to Mars. By inventing a new method where voltages are applied to a quantum computer microchip, Professor Winfried Hensinger and his team at the University of Sussex have managed to remove one of the biggest barriers traditionally faced to build a large-scale quantum computer – having to precisely align billions of lasers to carry out quantum gate operations. More recently, his group unveiled the first industrial blueprint on how to build a large-scale quantum computer.

Prof Hensinger will explain both challenges and opportunities in developing practical quantum computers.

This talk is free and open to the public, but places are limited and you need to register here in order to attend. Please bring your registration details with you on the day.

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