OxWiP love a chance to get out there and show how great women in physics can be! In 2015 we ran workshops on accelerator physics at the Greenlight for Girls day at Imperial College. Here are a few pictures from that day. This year, we're hosting our own Greenlight for Girls day on 25th February! More details are available here: https://www2.physics.ox.ac.uk/events/2017/02/25/greenlight-for-girls

If you think we could help you at an outreach event, or you would like one of us to come and talk at a school, we'd love to lend a hand! Get in touch by emailing womeninphysics@physics.ox.ac.uk.

Learning about the largest accelerator in the world.       Credit: Meilin SanchoA Van de Graaff SelfieSeeing like charges repel.        Credit: Meilin SanchoKathryn taking everyone back to basics.       Credit: Meilin SanchoThe OxWiP presenters (Holly, Kathryn, Talitha and Andri) taking a break!       Credit: Meilin SanchoAccelerating "protons" using "waves".       Credit: Meilin SanchoAiming protons at a fixed target - a willing volunteer!       Credit: Meilin SanchoAll kinds of accelerators.       Credit: Meilin SanchoPresenters and their props.       Credit: Meilin SanchoHands-on accelerators.       Credit: Meilin SanchoSharing the charge.       Credit: Meilin SanchoAndri, who coordinated OxWiP at G4G, with all the kit.       Credit: Meilin Sancho