Upholds the society's vision, chairs meetings, oversees committee members, and liaises with Equality and Diversity Committee.
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Karen Hampson

I am a researcher working in adaptive optics. I use the technique for a range of applications including microscopy, retinal imaging, satellites, and more recently, brain surgery instrumentation. I completed an MPhys at Swansea University and a PhD in adaptive optics applied to vision science at Imperial College. I am vice chair of the Optical Society of America Applications of Visual Science Technical Group. I have served several roles in the Institute of Physics, including secretary of the Medical Physics Group committee. I am currently a member of the Institute of Physics Groups committee that oversees the governance and activity of the subject groups.
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Aids president in fulfilling tasks necessary to ensure the success of the society

Get in touch with us at womeninphysics[AT] if you would like to know more about becoming our VP!


Hosts meetings, maintains and distributes meeting notes, maintains society documents

Amy Hughes

Hi! I'm Amy and I'm a DPhil student at Oriel College. I did my undergraduate degree here in Oxford and I am now working in the Atomic & Laser Physics sub-department on quantum computing with trapped ions, lasers and microwaves. My current research focuses on generating entanglement between two different species of ion, which is a building block for quantum algorithms. Outside physics, I enjoy rowing and an unnecessary amount of baking.
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Liaison with department to manage society funds. Propose and manage budgets.
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Kathryn Boast

Hi! I'm Kathryn and I'm the Access Officer for the Physics Department, so I work with the Outreach team on supporting and encouraging people from under-represented and traditionally disadvantaged backgrounds to apply to Oxford.

Event co-ordinators

Organise events including tea sessions, banquet dinners, Q&A panels and guest speakers

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Mentoring co-ordinators

Maintain the mentor/mentee database and promote positive counselling experiences
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Social media rep

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Anna Tippett

Hi! I’m Anna and I’m a third year Physics undergraduate at Oriel College. I have really enjoyed my first 2 years studying physics and I am looking forward to applying everything I’ve learned so far to the next 2 years! I’m excited to get involved with Oxford Women in Physics because I want to promote and encourage women to study physics and I think that social media is a great way to reach a large amount of people. In my spare time, I enjoy making my own clothes and looking after my plants!


Individuals representing the needs to women at various stages in their science career

Undergraduate Representative -- Jasmine Simms

Hi! I'm Jasmine and I'm a second year physics undergraduate a Mansfield college. I love learning about how the universe works so I'm really enjoying my course here and looking forward to future years. I'm excited to be involved in OxWiP since I've loved all of the events that I've been to and the warm, welcoming atmosphere they have! In my spare time I like to do cheerleading, speed cubing and crochet.

Undergraduate Representative -- Pippa Duckett

Hi! I’m Pippa and I am a third year physics undergraduate at Jesus College. I have loved my time studying physics so far and am so excited to learn more in my next two years here! I think it is so important for women to be represented in the sciences and for girls to be encouraged to pursue physics at university and beyond. Because of this I’m so excited to get involved with OxWiP and hope to be able to help create a friendly and inclusive atmosphere for all female undergraduates. In my spare time I love to run and practise cheerleading and dance.

Equality & Diversity Representative -- Dina Traykova

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Hi! I’m Dina and I’m a final year DPhil student at Wadham. I did my undergraduate in Theoretical Physics at UCL and my research now focuses on exploring and testing alternative theories of gravity that build on Einstein’s GR and aim to explain the apparent accelerated expansion of the universe. Additionally I do numerical simulations of Black Holes to explore their dynamics and effect on their surroundings. Outside of my research I enjoy going for countryside cycles, rock climbing and boardgames.

Postdoctoral Representative -- Aprajita Verma

I'm a research fellow and Deputy Project Scientist for the UK E-ELT programme working in the sub-department of Astrophysics. I got my BSc and PhD at Imperial College London, followed by a short post-doc, and then moved to the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Garching, Germany. My research is based on understanding the formation and evolution of galaxies. In particular, my work focusses on determining the properties of star-forming and black hole hosting galaxies and the role of dust and metallicity in their evolution. I am very interested in outreach and am co-PI of the Citizen Science Project Space Warps (, a search for gravitational lenses.
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Faculty Representative and CUWiP Coordinator -- Professor Daniela Bortoletto

Daniela Bortoletto is a professor of experimental particle physics who uses powerful accelerators for exploring the energy frontier and investigating the most fundamental constituents of the Universe. She is a co-discoverer of the Higgs boson and the top quark. She is currently studying the properties of the Higgs boson and searching for new physics at the LHC. In addition she plays an important role in the development of instrumentation for particle detection. Daniela was the E. M. Purcell distinguished Professor of Physics at Purdue University before joining the University of Oxford in 2013. She has received numerous awards including an U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) Early Career Award and an Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship. She is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. She is the author of over 700 physics papers. Daniela is a sought-after lecturer and advisor about particle physics. She has been a member of the U.S. Particle Physics Projects Prioritization Panel (P5), the High Energy Physics Advisory Panel (HEPAP) to the U.S. Department Of Energy (DOE) and NSF, and the Mathematical and Physical Science Advisory Committee (MPSAC) to the NSF. She is currently the Chair of the Fermilab Program Advisory Committee. Daniela is passionate about gender issues in physics and increasing female participation in physics and other sciences.
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Staff Representative -- Carrie Leonard-McIntyre

Carrie is originally from South Africa, where she conducted her undergraduate degree. She currently works as the Assistant Head of Teaching (Academic) in the Department predominantly involved in undergraduate matters. She immensely enjoys working with students and providing them with every opportunity to make the most of their time and education.
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Previous presidents of OxWiP:

  • Anna Marchant (2020 - 2021)
  • Charlotte Palmer (2019 - 2020)
  • Leah Morabito (2018 - 2019)
  • Rebecca Bowler (2016 - 2018)
  • Androula Alekou (2015 - 2016)
  • Jena Meinecke (2013 - 2015)

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