Physics Thrive: Graduate Peer Support

Graduate Peer Support Network at Oxford Physics

Physics Thrive Graduate Peer Support Network is a subgroup of the informal mentoring network Physics Thrive.
"Physics Thrive Graduate Peer Support Network" features four graduate students that have been trained to act as peer supporters.

Our graduate network of peer supporters aims at the following benefits for its users:

  • Empowerment: realising the possibility of overcoming stigma and feeling deserving of support
  • Social support: reducing social isolation by engaging with others and increasing confidence to do so within social circles
  • Empathy and acceptance: feeling accepted by others through shared empathy
  • Reducing stigma: many students are unlikely to seek support in fear of stigma, peer supporters aim at making the conversation about mental health more accessible
  • Hope and motivation: being able to witness others’ journey in mental health can keep a person engaged and motivated to pursue recovery

Peer supporters

Zuzana Cocuľová:

Zuzana Coculova.jpeg

College: Linacre
Sub-Department: Condensed Matter Physics
Year: 4 (DTC student)
Research: I am building an experimental setup for single-molecule functional study of membrane proteins in the energized membrane, focusing on ATP synthase.

I've been a peer supporter for over two years now, and I would be happy to chat about any personal or work-related challenges and brainstorm some useful strategies.

Bernd Sturdza:

Bernd Sturdza.png

College: University College
Sub-Department: Condensed Matter Physics
Year: 3 (CDT student)
Research: My research is mainly focused on solution processing of carbon nanotubes with polymers for transparent conductive films in photovoltaic applications.

Marko Mayr:

Marko Mayr.jpeg

College: University College
Sub-Department: Atomic and Laser Physics
Year: 4
Research: My research is on studying electron injection mechanisms into laser-driven plasma accelerators.

Anna Jungbluth:

Anna Jungbluth.jpg

College: Wolfson College
Sub-Department: Condensed Matter Physics
Year: 4
Research: My research focuses on studying the photophysics of organic solar cells.

I would be happy to talk about personal and work-related challenges, as well as share my experiences on career development opportunities within the University and the UK/US more broadly.