Case studies for thin film facility

FMOS mirror, measuring 260mm by 140mm, coated with Chromium and then Gold before being etched.

A section of the Cassini CIRS (Composite Infra Red Spectrograph) which has been coated in the facility.

Neutron detectors for the CryoEDM (Cryogenic Neutron Electric Dipole Moment) experiment. The detectors are coated with:

  • 20nm Aluminium (Al)
  • 2272nm Lithium Fluoride (Li6F)
  • 10nm Chromium (Cr)
  • 150nm Iron (Fe)
  • 10nm Chromium (Cr)

332 diamond-cut aluminium mirrors were cleaned and coated with gold in the facility.

Over 3000 retro-reflectors for the ATLAS FSI (Frequency Scanning Interferometer) system were gold-coated in the facility.