Technologies to License

We develop a large range of technologies that have applications beyond our laboratories, which may be of interest to your company.

Bild1_Absolute-Multiline-Technologie_0.jpgMetrology technology from Oxford Physics commercialised by Etalon

The list below is available to license through Oxford University Innovation.

Novel signal cross coupling method
The Oxford-developed signal coupler can replace the traditional, bulky cross-waveguide coupler, as well as the freestanding dielectric beam splitter in heterodyne astronomy receivers, and has applications within satellites, telecommunications and radar, and large power distribution networks such as multiple-path phase array networks.

Coherent Conversion between Optical and Microwave Photons in Rydberg Gases
Oxford researchers have developed a device that enables coherent interconversion between microwave and optical photons. This invention has numerous applications across the spectrum of quantum technology, including powerful signal processing, detection of hidden metal objects, subcutaneous cancer detection, and in communication channels enabling a scalable network of superconducting quantum bits for computing.

Non-degenerate Travelling Wave Parametric Amplifier
This invention could be used any situation where an ultra-low noise amplification method is needed (astronomical instruments, qubit experiments) in addition to possible uses as an ultra-low noise mixer.

Enhanced discovery from big datasets is harnessing a ground-breaking approach to Big Data Analytics, which enables a diverse user-base to make unprecedented discoveries from large datasets.

Fluid Monitoring Applications

High Density protein nanoarray

Calibrating Quantum Detectors

Smooth Walled Feed Horn Antennas

Ion Detector

National Security Device

Pixel imaging mass spectrometry

Improved mass resolution and ion throughput in ToF mass spectrometry