Space instrument development, manufacture and test

1m diameter chambers in clean assembly area

Our sub-Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics has been developing space instruments since the 1970s and is experienced in various areas of design and manufacturing for space use including:

  • Mechanical design
  • Thermal design
  • Thermal vacuum testing
  • Vibration testing
  • Shock testing
  • Focal plane design and manufacture
  • Calibration target design and manufacture
  • Facilities for CAD (Mechanical, and Optical)
  • Product assurance
  • Planetary protection requirements for planetary missions
  • Flight electronics manufacture including flight flexible cabling based on etched circuits produced in the Department’s Photofabrication Unit

2.2m Chamber with vibration isolated optical bench
The pre-flight calibration of multiple remote sensing instruments has been carried out in chambers in our clean areas and we have facilities for thermal vacuum, vibration and shock testing as well as characterisation on infrared sensors and seismometers.