SEM facility

Hitachi S-4300 scanning electron microscope system

What is available?

A Hitachi S-4300 field emission scanning electron microscope is available for use by members of the University and external customers at competitive rates. The instrument uses an electron beam accelerated at 500V to 30kV and operates at a variety of different currents. Internal users can book to use the instrument by logging on to Weblearn using their University single sign-on username and password by following this link:

Users will first have to register in order to use the above booking system. For full details of how to do this and of access charges etc. please contact Paul Pattinson, whose contact information is given below.

Full system specifications can be found by clicking on the Specifications tag on the menu bar on the left of this page.

Below is an image of an overetched nanorod of GaN taken with the system.