Electron Beam Lithography

Raith e_LiNE EBL

The Class 100 cleanroom houses our Raith e_LiNE dedicated electron beam lithography system. This instrument directly patterns thin layers of resist by scanning an electron beam over the surface and can routinely achieve sub-20nm linewidth on PMMA resist. The system has a high-performance laser interferometer stage with 2nm resolution and 100mm × 100mm travel, which enables lithography on samples from a few mm in size up to 4 inch mask-plates. The pattern-design software integrates proximity effect correction for more demanding lithographic patterning tasks. This instrument is located in the Clarendon Laboratory.

The instrument is available to members of the University, but we encourage enquiries from outside the University, including academic, commercial and industrial users.

Potential users should contact the Facility Manager: Dr Jason Brown.