What we do

The Cryomagnetics Group, operates a 20 litre/hour Linde TCF20 liquefier which supplies liquid helium within the department and to other laboratories and organisations; annual production is 55,000 litres. The group provides information and assistance on the design and construction of cryogenic equipment.

The Linde TCF20 liquefier

The facilities we offer are:

  1. Mobile superconducting magnet systems up to 21 T
  2. Custom-built superconductive magnets dedicated to individual experiments
  3. A pulsed field facility, the Nicholas Kurti Magnetic Field Laboratory
  4. Transport critical current measurements on superconductors at currents up to 500 A in a continuous field of up to 21 T
  5. Coil winding and vacuum impregnation expertise
  6. High field support
  7. High strength wire drawing facilities
  8. Extensive expertise in adhesives and non-metallic composities at low temperatures