Centre for Applied Superconductivity

Oxford has a long tradition of pursuing the exciting world of superconductivity and our Centre reflects the direct engagement between research and industry to prepare the technological and fundamental advances of the future.


Oxfordshire’s international strength in applied superconductivity technology has been boosted by a major new Oxford University research centre. Superconductors are materials with no electrical resistance which are vital for powerful new technologies in healthcare, large experimental facilities like CERN, quantum instrumentation and many other fields.

Our Superconductivity Hub is a joint project between the Materials Department and the Physics Department of the University of Oxford and the local industrial partners and research centres with interests in future applications of superconducting materials. Our Centre aims to pursue projects that can lead to future technologies and lead to the discovery of novel superconducting materials.


The Centre will help to train people with necessary skills in superconductivity which can be transferable to other relevant industries. The Centre is developing a series of experimental and testing facilities to allow easy interaction between academia and industry to solve relevant problems.

The Oxford Centre for Applied Superconductivity is financially supported by the Local Growth Funding through Oxfordshire County Council and the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership as well as by the University of Oxford and local industrial partners.

For more information on how companies can engage with the centre and use the facilities, please visit www.cfas.ox.ac.uk/

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