Norbert Zicher

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Norbert Zicher

Graduate Student

I am a third-year DPhil student in the Exoplanet group working with Suzanne Aigrain and Oscar Barragan.

My research is in improving exoplanet detection methods focusing on extreme precision radial velocities and breaking the 1m/s barrier. I work extensively on modelling the activity of stars using Gaussian Processes in order to improve our ability to detect smaller planets. In addition, I work on a Bayesian framework approach to extracting relative radial velocities directly from the spectra and model stellar oscillations.

Besides my academic research, I am heavily involved in outreach activities and university sports. I am currently an outreach officer for the Oxford Physics department, mentor and coordinator of the British Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiad and fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society. Furthermore, I am a volunteer, organiser, mentor and tutor for projects like Oxford for Romania, Romanian Science Week, etc. You can often find me giving talks at various events.