Mao Zeng

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Mao Zeng

Royal Society Research Fellow

I joined the Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics at Oxford in January 2021 as a Royal Society University Research Fellow. I obtained my BA and MA from Cambridge University, U.K., and PhD from Stony Brook University, USA, under the advice of Prof. George Sterman. I previously held postdoctoral positions at the Mani L. Bhanumik Institute for Theoretical Physics at UC Los Angeles, and the Institute for Theoretical Physics at ETH Zürich.

My research focuses on precision calculations in quantum field theory, bringing together modern methods for scattering amplitudes, state-of-the-art loop integration techniques, and effective field theories which helps untangle infrared divergences in gauge theory and gravity.

Recent research highlights include precise computations for LHC processes with a large number of final-state particles, and applications of quantum field theory methods to binary black hole dynamics probed by gravitational wave detectors.