Publications by Giulia Zanderighi

MINLO: Multi-scale improved NLO

Journal of High Energy Physics 2012 (2012)

K Hamilton, P Nason, G Zanderighi

In the present work we consider the assignment of the factorization and renormalization scales in hadron collider processes with associated jet production, at next-toleading order (NLO) in perturbation theory. We propose a simple, definite prescription to this end, including Sudakov form factors to consistently account for the distinct kinematic scales occuring in such collisions. The scheme yields results that are accurate at NLO and, for a large class of observables, it resums to all orders the large logarithms that arise from kinematic configurations involving disparate scales. In practical terms the method is most simply understood as an NLO extension of the matrix element reweighting procedure employed in tree level matrix element-parton shower merging algorithms. By way of a proof-of-concept, we apply the method to Higgs and Z boson production in association with up to two jets.

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