Publications by Giulia Zanderighi

NLO QCD corrections to five-jet production at LEP and the extraction of α<inf>s</inf>(M<inf>Z</inf>)

Journal of High Energy Physics 2010 (2010)

R Frederix, S Frixione, K Melnikov, G Zanderighi

The highest exclusive jet multiplicity studied at LEP experiments is five. In this paper we compute the next-to-leading order QCD corrections to e +e- annihilation to five jets, essentially closing the (pure) perturbative QCD studies of exclusive jetty final states at LEP. We compare fixed-order perturbative results with ALEPH data. We estimate hadronization corrections to five-jet observables using the event generator SHERPA, which employs the CKKW procedure to combine a reliable perturbative treatment of highmultiplicity jet final states with parton showers. We show that a competitive value of the strong coupling constant αs(M Z) = 0.1156-0.0034+0.0041 can be extracted from the distribution of the five-jet resolution parameter and the five-jet rate at LEP1 and LEP2.

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