Ghassan Yassin

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Ghassan Yassin

Professor of Astrophysics

I am a member of the Astrophysics group and Fellow of the Queen's College. My research group develops superconducting detectors, novel quasi-optical components and superconducting nano-devices for submilimetre telescopes and cosmology instruments. Our research is funded by national (STFC), European (FP7) grants and astronomy projects funds. Our main collaborators are the "Detector Physics" group at Cambridge, The "Millimetre Technology" group at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL), the KOSMA group at University of Cologne (Germany) and the "Micotechnology and Nanoscience" department at Chalmers (Sweden).

I lecture the Claassical Mechanics course (first year( and tutor of Special Relativity (third year), Electromagnetism and Optics (second year). For teaching material see

The main research projects in my research group are:

1- Development of SIS coherent detectors at THz frequencies for submillimetre tlescopes

2- Development of quesi-optics components and electromagnetic devices for telescope receivers at millimetre and submillimetre wavelengths.

3- Ultra-wide band SIS mixers at millimetre wavelengths

4- Ultra-fast supeconducting nano-swithes for cosmology instruments.

3- Novel superconducting devices and bolometers for cosmology instruments.