Publications by Adam Wyatt

Multi-color carrier-envelope-phase stabilization for high-repetition-rate multi-pulse coherent synthesis.

Optics letters 40 (2015) 1208-1211

RA McCracken, I Gianani, AS Wyatt, DT Reid

Using a zero-offset carrier-envelope locking technique, we have synthesized an octave-spanning composite frequency comb exhibiting 132-attosecond timing jitter between the constituent pulses over a one-second observation window. In the frequency domain, this composite comb has a modal structure and coherence which are indistinguishable from those of a comb that might be produced by a hypothetical single mode locked oscillator of equivalent bandwidth. The associated phase stability enables the participating multi-color pulse sequences to be coherently combined, representing an example of multi-pulse synthesis using a femtosecond oscillator.

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